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Antibody Systems, Inc. (ASI) is a major producer of diagnostic and therapeutic biological materials for research and manufacturing applications. These products are available for both national and international corporations. They are used primarily by pharmaceutical companies for the development of new drugs and diagnostic test kits.

ASI Human Serum / Human Plasma Samples

For over 40 years, we have procured raw materials for such developmental products as Hepatitis B Vaccine, blood clot dissolving proteins, antidotes for black widow spider bites, blood pressure medications, treatments for hemorrhagic conditions and IND vaccines to produce hyperimmune plasma and infectious disease diagnostic controls. ASI’s staff of regulatory experts has experience with “Investigational New Drug” applications. Our physicians and Immunologists have extensive experience in developing protocols for Vaccine, Hyperimmune Plasma, Interferon and other immunological clinical trials.

ASI Human Tissue Samples

ASI’s Research and Development department has had Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) with the CDC, Vector (a Russian biotech institute), and the University of Mexico Medical School in Merida. With the CDC, ASI co-discovered a new viral vector that has the potential of gene delivery or vaccine development. ASI’s work with Vector included research to find new prophylaxis to counter biological weapons of mass destruction. ASI’s work with the University of Mexico Medical School in Merida, Yucatan included studies to find an inexpensive, but effective treatment for dengue fever, a disease that WHO has labeled a pandemic threat. ASI’s work on dengue fever is expanding into Columbia and Venezuela. ASI has also done extensive work involving Komodo dragons and the development of new antibiotics from a small molecule found in this animal’s blood/serum.

ASI specializes in retrieving rare and unusual biological products throughout the world, and has vast experience in a wide range of such procurements. Read more about ASI's Expeditionary Biology work by clicking on the link.

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