Human Serum / Human Plasma Samples

By staying abreast of current and future scientific needs, Antibody Systems, Inc. is able to offer plasma that contains rare antibodies in current demand for manufacturers of infectious disease diagnostic test kits and for research purposes.

Human Serum and Human Plasma Samples are available for Chagas, Chikungunya, CMV, Dengue, Marburg, Rubella, Zika, Toxo, Yellow Fever and more.

Full Product List: Antibody Systems Product Inventory


  • Chagas Human Serum
  • Chagas Human Plasma


  • Chikungunya Human Serum
  • Chikungunya Human Plasma


  • Dengue Human Serum
  • Dengue Human Plasma


  • Zika Human Serum
  • Zika Human Plasma

Marburg Human Plasma

Rubella IgG/IgM Plasma

CMV IgG/IgM Plasma

Toxo IgG/IgM Plasma

Yellow Fever IgG/IgM Plasma